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Image by Benjamin Child


1. We pursue a common vision and strategy as well as common goals. We align our behavior and work accordingly. We put corporate interests ahead of individual interests.

2. We are open to change. Changes are part of our daily working life. We show the will to deal with them constructively and, if necessary, to adapt our actions.

3. We learn from our mistakes. Our goal is to work perfectly. Nevertheless, mistakes can happen - we step back and learn from them. Errors are part of our continuous improvement process (analysis and measurements).

4. We care about infrastructure. All machinery, furniture, tools and materials are properly processed and maintained by us. A clean and tidy workplace is a prerequisite for efficient work.

5. We treat people with respect. We respect everyone in terms of personality and integrity. We are against all forms of discrimination.

6. We have high quality standards. We aim for a super quality of our services and products and keep the satisfaction of our customers as our primary objective.

7. Teamwork is one of our strengths. We support and advise each other. We are ready to give and receive feedback (praise AND constructive criticism). We deal with conflicts constructively. If necessary, we ask for support.
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