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Foundation of the company Paskowsky SA

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Acquisition of a four-meter-long CNC boring machine from the Lazzati brand was the most recent machining machine that year.

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The locksmith moves to the neighboring building and at the same time accommodates a new flame cutting machine. This makes it possible to increase production capacity without having to subcontract this production phase.

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A new horizontal and vertical Mandelli machining center with six 1000 x 1250 tables has been added to our machine park.

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2019 New owners and change of management

The change of ownership and appointment of a new management with the addition of 4 new machines, a Union MT MV1000, Voortman V310 and Hermle C 40 U

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Delmet SA takes over all the activities of Paskowsky SA

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The creation of a "Painting" department equipped with a new paint booth brings added value.

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DELMET SA acquires a new Mandelli machining center which allows it to significantly increase its production capacity and its quality of finish.

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2014, 30 years of existence

DELMET SA was founded 30 years ago. During this period, many changes were made to the company, but above all improvements. That year, the planer left its place and we therefore invested in a Mandelli 4-axis center but above all in a fully re-equipped SIP8000 with which we achieve very high precision.

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The purchase of a Jupiter CNC lathe for parts up to one meter in diameter and up to four meters in length paves the way for large-scale turning.

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A Correa four-axis CNC milling machine with a capacity of more than 10 meters completes the machine park and enables DELMET SA to position itself on the Swiss large-scale machining market.

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The purchase of a blast cabinet as well as a welding robot allows certain production processes to be internalized and thus increased supply and flexibility.

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Some machines have been added to our machine park. For example, a large Mandelli and two-three smaller ones to diversify and satisfy our customers. a metrology department was created with a 3D machine from the Zeiss brand, completely renovated and updated.

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